Vendor Information:

Swap meet vendors (outside)  9 X 20              $75.00 per space               

New parts vendors (inside)  10 X 15                $175.00 per space

​Call Joe Carpenter for more information @ 910-610-5063

David Zambon   1953 F-100

John Arrendale  1950 F-1

​John Jennings   1972 F-100

   Welcome to the Grand National F-100 Show!

​This show is for 1996 and older Ford F-100 & F-150 Pickups and Panels only.  All Ford trucks older than 1996 are welcome.  Sorry no Broncos or Rancheros.

​Down Load Form and Print Off to Mail in.

​Patina Trucks Top 2

Roger Altop

Lee and Lana Smith

​57-60 F-100        

David Akers

Don Lawson

Bill Riel

Neil Utt

Chad Skelton

​Best Ford in a Ford

John Jinnings

​Top 3 Trucks of the Year 2019

53-56 F-100

Mark Tullis               Joseph Olivera                         

Larry Womack         Sherwood Sanders

Kevin Traylor           Kriss Crutcher

Mark Coleman         Glenn Gautier

TC Carber                Benny Burns

Fack Sorich              Donnie Blackwood

Mike Howell             Jeff Abbott

Mike McKoy             Donnie and Lela King

Rex Hasch               Kevin Pollard

Linda Luopoa           Gary Fuller

James Ivey               Rick Siebolt

Jimmy Anthony        Shelby Bowling

Tony Bowling

Panel Top 3

David and Jeane Hudson

Doug Wimberly

John Bethel

Stock Top 3

Jason Walden

Bob Smith

Danny Visser

Best Bed Award

Lynn Pace


61-66 F-100                  

Randy East

Lynn Pace

Lloyd Lang

Scott Young

Tony Rhodes

Bradley Weatherton

Ray Richesin

Steven Morgan

Jeffery Roberts

Richard Green


​You can pre register now for next years show !

For all flying in for the show McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, TN is highly recommended.  Only 30 minutes from the show!

You can register on line now by clicking the "Buy Now" button and pay with a credit card or use PayPal.  Registration is $50 per truck before April 1, 2020.  $60 after and before the Show.  If you pay with Credit Card add the year of your truck beside your name on the form.

Top F-1 48-52

Paul Walker

Ricky Woods

Pamer Hatton

Edward Burke

Ronald David

Dan Houston

David Jacobs

Beetle Bailey

Tom Risch

John and Janice Hulsey

​4 Wheel Drive Top 2

Joel Bright

Marc Gombosi

​​Early Ford Truck-Pre 48

Lew Winters

William Wood

Tracy Taylor

Toby Howard

Teri Tanner

73-79 F-100                

Stevie Quick

Tommy Crosby

John Miller

Keith Marion

Tommy McQuire

Cynthia Faulkner

Darrell Slaughter

Evelyn Faulkner

Larry Hensley

​Chad Seals

67-72 F-100   

John Jinnings

Jim Boruff

Jody Adams

Chris Smith

Dawn Boyd

Skip Dean

Kerry Moody

Tinsley Smith

Christopher Harrell

​Brian Boone